Career Interest Assessment

Are you looking for career interest assessments that are more than simple pencil-and-paper inventories? Look no further!

PIC Pathfinder is an affective domain interest inventory that measures a wide variety of career areas where individuals react to live action video depictions of real work situations.

A New Dimension in
Interest Inventory Assessment

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A New Dimension in
Interest Inventory Assessment

Individualized Assessment

Individualized Assessment

Career / Vocational Areas

Career / Vocational Areas


Business / Administrative

Business / Data Processing

Communication Art / Graphics

Electrical / Electronics

Engineering Technology

Environmental Science

Food Services

Health Services

Industrial - Construction

Industrial - Mechanical

Industrial - Metal Trades

Protective Services

Science & Laboratory

Service - Barber / Cosmotology

Service - Personal

Summary Report

Summary Report
PIC Pathfinder offers a comprehensive summary report that highlights:
  • List of all 17 Career Clusters in Order of Interest

  • Indicator of Affective and Cognitive Domain Matches*

  • Indication and Summary of Stated Interest Preferences*

  • Summary Description of Top 3 Career Cluster Interests

  • Career Match Suggestions with Links to External Resources for Further Exploration

* Available only in Group Two Reports