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Persistence Pays off for PAES® Lab Student

Johnathan Reinheardt


Holy Family Chatham Day School

Pittsburg, PA

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These comments were written by a PAES® student at the Diamond Oaks Campus of Great Oaks Career and Technical School in Cincinnati.  It's interesting to see that students are recognizing how helpful the PAES® program is!






PAES® Article:

MCIU Connection

Montgomery County, PA

May, 2011

"PAES® Lab Provides Real-Life Work Environment Montgomery County middle and high school students with disabilities can obtain job skills for the real world through a dynamic new curriculum that operates in a simulated work environment. The Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES® Lab), located in Room 6 at the MCIU, provides students with the instructions and equipment to complete a variety of job tasks ranging from collating papers to making change at a cash register to assembling bolts and pipes.


"The MCIU’s job coach, Catharine Miller, works closely with students who enroll in the nine-week program. She assists students as they explore and learn new skills related to 264 jobs in five different work areas including:
• Business/Marketing
• Consumer/Service
• Construction/Industrial
• Processing/Production
• Computer/Technology


“'The PAES® Lab mimics a real work environment to give students the soft and hard skills related to having a job,' said Cheryl Wise, MCIU Transition Supervisor. 'The simulated work day requires students to clock in, put their belongings away, find a file with work procedures related to job assignments,go to a work station and perform the task independently. The job coach then reviews their work and scores it for assessment. Currently, four Upper Dublin School District students are enrolled in the program. Staff are encorageed to stop by to check it out!'"

These Students are all part of MCIU's PAES® Transition Program.
Student Clocking In
Student Getting Work Folder
Student Useing Computer Unit
Student Working in P&P Unit
Student Working with Cash Register

PAES® Testimonial:
CareerX Program, Great Oaks Career and Technical School
Scarlet Oaks Career Campus
3254 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
May, 2011

Joe Dumont, M. Ed
CareerX Instructor
Jim Hansel M.En
CareerX Instructor

“All is going really well!  The data we are collecting is great, and I have been going over the results with the students and they are surprised at what they are finding out about themselves.  Joe and I see the value of this curriculum and our students are definitely going to benefit from the immediate independence the program promotes."

The CareerX Program in Cincinnati, Ohio recently purchased PAES for their Great Oaks Career and Technical School, Scarlet Oaks Campus.  Joe Dumont, M. Ed, and Jim Hansel, M. En, CareerX Instructors, were asked why PAES®? Read on for Joe and Jim's response, and also learn about the assessment driven data that PAES®  is providing for the CareerX student IEPs and transition planning.

Why PAES®?
"After looking at various options, we found that the PAES® system provided the missing link between the world of education and the world of work. The simulated work environment, with the focus on independence and exploration of skills and interests, has proven to be essential in effectively implementing the transition for our students. The way that the program simultaneously blends pure assessment of skills and interests with the building of employability skills has proven to be an extremely effective way to engage students in preparing for the world of work."

What transition data are you geting? (and not getting)
"The use of the PAES® system has allowed us to help determine where the student's strengths and interests lie while, at the same time, focus their transition goals to their areas of greatest need. Rather than simply determining where their interests lie, the implementation of the PAES® lab allows us to help hone the areas of strength while providing guided, practical opportunities for growth. This relevant data and skill building allows us to help students determine the next steps in their transition towards independence and competitive employment.  All is going really well!  The data we are collecting is great and we have been going over the results with the students and they are surprised at what they are finding out about themselves.”

Is the data helpful in writing IEPs and transition plans?
"Simply put, this is the most practical and relevant data we have ever collected. The assessment of norm-referenced skills on the tasks provides concrete data with which to direct future planning while the criterion referenced employability skills collected each day allow the students to get daily feedback on which areas to continue to focus on developing. The data applies directly to the IEP goals and objectives, as it provides solid evidence of the students’ present levels of performance and guides goal development."

PAES Testimonial:
Sara Gilberg, PAES Teacher
916 NE Metro Intermediate School District
White Bear Lake, MN
January, 2011

“The program is working very well for us.  We run 3 sessions a day, and we have at least 1 teacher,(myself) and one EA assigned to the lab.  The program is fun for staff and students, and we are all enjoying it.  Our population is mixed level 4, EBD, ASD, OHI and DCD. We use the program daily and we treat it as a preliminary work site.  The program provides a wonderful assessment, and the students learn a lot about themselves and their abilities.  They are exposed to many life skills that they will be able to carry into their independent lives.”

PAES Article:
916 NE Metro Intermediate School District
PAES Work Lab Student & Teacher Survey Feedback
December, 2010

The PAES lab at 916 has been up and running since the beginning of the school year, and continues to prove its success. Barbara Mosher-Glansman, Work Experience Coordinator and her students conducted student and faculty interviews this past month to help summarize their success.

Student comments:
Students participating in the PAES work lab are in agreement that what they like best about working in the lab is that they can work at their own pace and get to try out several different kinds of jobs in a variety of career areas. They also enjoy working independently and are learning new things and enjoy the hands on job experiences. They are discovering what skills they are good at, as well as learning those skills they struggle with or don't enjoy as much. Students also said that they are learning how to work, and what is expected of them while they are at work. By understanding how they do in each skill area is helping them identify the career areas they may want to go into later.

Faculty comments:
Staff is in agreement that the PAES lab is beneficial for student learning because the wide variety of hands on jobs positively engages and motivates students to participate. Prior to implementing the PAES work lab in our district, student training, exploration and evaluations were limited to volunteer and in-house work-like opportunities that did not provide the extensive hands on skill assessment and exploration that is offered in the PAES work lab system. The structure of the work lab and the variety of jobs in the different career areas allow students to show significant progress in learning how to be more independent and how to follow work procedures. Students improve their ability to stay focused on tasks, problem solve more independently and recognize when they need assistance. The volume of reliable data gathered on student performance has significant influence on the decisions being made for a student's future vocational programming and job placements.

PAES Testimonial:
Tom Ambrasas,Special Ed Director
Spring Lake Park, MN
October, 2010

"Every High School in the State of Minnesota should have a PAES program."

PAES Testimonial:
Nancy Meyer, Ed. D. Supervisor of
Special Education for So Washington Co ISD 833.
Cottage Grove, MN
August, 2010

"We will use the PAES program with our three high schools, and our Next Step Program.  We look forward to providing the age appropriate training for both employment skills and independent living skills in-house, as well as offering a broad range of career pathways that will guide our students in the process of transition from school to the real world."


PAES Testimonial:
Annette Weiler
VE Teacher/PAES Instructor
Pinellas Park Middle School
6940 70th Avenue North
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
727.545.6400 Ext. 45

Imagine that you are a teacher standing at your classroom door, your ESE (Exceptional Student Education) students are entering the classroom asking if they got work today. You explain not today because there is a school wide assembly. They grumble and complain and ask, "do we have to go?" You say, Sorry, yes we do."

The next day the same scenario, but today you say, "Yes, we are working today." They get their supplies and get to work. One student calls you over to check their work. "Great Job!" you say and they beg to do more. Another student calls you over to check their work. You see a few errors and ask them to correct them, they do so with hardly a complaint. The room is busy with workers typing their best and proud of being independent.
What is going on here? A dream? The stepford children? Aliens invaded your students' bodies? No, you're just a PAES teacher in PAES classroom.

I have taught PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) for 4 years to a variety of ESE students: EH (Emotionally Handicapped), EMH (Educable Mentally Handicapped) and SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities), in grades 6 through 8. PAES has provided me with valuable information on my special diploma students. It provides detailed information on their aptitude for various career jobs and skill abilities. It has exposed them to real life work situations and expectations. It allows me to be a facilitator in the classroom. It provides the students with hands on experience. My students enjoy doing PAES and they are disappointed when circumstances prevent us from doing so. Inappropriate behaviors in my classroom are almost non-existent. Rules, procedures and expectations are easily complied with. My kids are having fun exploring entry job skills and getting "paid" too. They receive"money" through the Money Manager for the work they do in the PAES lab.
The Money Manager Program works seamlessly with PAES and adds to the success of the program in my class. Being able to buy real items with the money they earned is a tremendous motivator and learning tool. My students learn how to write checks, make deposits, and keep a check register. This leads to a more realistic picture of the world in which they must be a productive citizen. Students say they love PAES because it allows them to feel successful and exposes them to entry level job skills. They feel grown-up and important when they come into the class because they are expected to act as employees. All students must enter the room presentable and prepared to work. It helps them figure out their interests and aptitudes. It gives them awareness of the working world. The experience of PAES for my students will hopefully give them the skills and confidence they need when they are ready to enter the real world of work.

As for me, I feel that I am providing the missing link between schooling and the world outside of the classroom. For that, I am grateful that I am a PAES teacher.

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