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Talent Assessment Program

Functional Work Skills Assessment

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How does TAP Operate?

  • TAP is an assessment of one’s individual functional ability.  
  • TAP is computer correlated to the best career matches.
  • TAP is administered in a classroom, or like atmosphere.  
  • TAP’s assessment tools are packaged in portable cases which can be stored, or transported from place to place.
  • TAP is typically a one-time assessment that is performed within a two and a half hour session.  One to eight individuals can be assessed at a time, and as many as 20 individuals in a day, depending on the individuals and whether or not they have a disability.
  • The tests are easy to administer and the computer program is the most advanced and user friendly on the market today.
  • Using TAP, you can assess and evaluate everyone in your career program, whether it be vocational or professional.

What is TAP?

  • TAP is a functional vocational aptitude assessment that requires no reading and can benefit all individuals. TAP is hands on and computer correlated to the best career matches.
  • TAP is ten tests that use "real" tools and "real" tasks to measure an individual's functional aptitudes and strengths. TAP is a practical and proven way for you to provide "real" advice for your clients.
  • TAP is a proven system that is fast and easy to administer and evaluate.

Why TAP?

  • The Talent Assessment Program - TAP, has established itself over the years as the vocational field's leader in assessing and evaluating functional vocational aptitudes.
  • The Evaluators Dream:  Better Information in Less Time
  • TAP works with non-readers and readers. The functionally illiterate. The handicapped and non-handicapped. The english speaking and non-english speaking alike.
  • Now you can evaluate each individual for all types of manual jobs ... high tech, low tech and every job in between. TAP provides instant correlation of an individual's demonstrated attributes with the many jobs represented in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (D.O.T.) and the occupational data of the Department of Labor (D.O.L.).
  • Fair evaluation for all, and testing that makes sense.
  • Ever mindful of the needs of the vocational community. Talent Assessment has continued to improve its evaluation program to the point that many professionals now consider our computer program to be the "easiest and best program" they've ever used. TAP is the "evaluator compatible" program.




(TEST 1) Form and spatial perception is an essential aptitude to have in the mechanical, industrial and building trades.  

(TEST 9) The ability to follow flow patterns is needed in many areas, especially electronics and computer programming.  


(TEST 10) The retention of form and special details indicates potential for reconstruction devices and repeating tasks without supervision. 

Test one is given a second time.  This time without a model.


(TEST 2) The fine discrimination of similar objects is needed in such jobs as electronics and small parts assembly. 

(TEST 3) Strong color discrimination is an attribute important to many occupations including artists, paper hangers, cosmetologists, auto body workers and laboratory technicians. 

(TEST 4) Tactile discrimination is vitally important to such occupations as upholstering, auto body work, woodworking, physical therapy and dental modeling.  




(TEST 5) Fine motor control is needed in many fields that work with small materials including assembly line operations, as well as, dental technicians, counter parts men and surgical and jeweler display arrangers. 

(TEST 6) Manual dexterity plays a large part in the building trades and material handling. 

(TEST 7) Quality performance with small tools is required in mechanics, electronics and medical professions. 

(TEST 8) The ability to use large tools is an advantage in industrial and mechanical work.


Administering TAP

  • Person’s administering TAP must be trained by TAI – Talent Assessment, Inc.  Administers need not be licensed, but must successfully complete the training provided by TAI – Talent Assessment, Inc.
  • Individuals taking TAP are not required to have any reading ability. Instructions may be given in any format. Oral, written, signed, or simply demonstrated. This provides equal assessment opportunities to the blind, functionally illiterate, hearing impaired, lower functionally handicapped and learning disadvantaged; as well as, to the literate.


TAP Reliability

  • The norms applied to the TAP test results are also, non-discriminatory and apply to all groups. the TAP system uses one of the largest norming groups of any evaluation system, assuring a higher degree of reliability. The results are correlated both to the D.O.T., the Worker Groups of the Guide to Occupational Exploration (G.O.E.) and the occupational data of the D.O.L.
  • The entire system is strongly supported by the assessment professionals of TAI - Talent Assessment, Inc. the total vocational assessment and career assessment company. You will receive on-site staff training in the use of TAP and additional assistance if necessary is just a toll-free phone call away.

TAP Reporting

  • Seconds after you enter an individual's test results into the computer, the TAP program will provide:
  • A compatible summary of all the test items with positive feedback regarding the strengths indicated by each.
  • Potential occupational areas drawn from the Department of Labor data and matched to the individual's test results.
  • A comparison of one’s individual attributes to any job in the extensive TAP data base which is correlated to the D.O.T., D.O.L.. and G.O.E.
  • A detailed analysis of specific jobs related to an individual's potential occupational areas.


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